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To be successful in a globalizing society, it’s important to learn foreign languages and develop an understanding of diversity, logical thinking and presentation skills. Berlitz believes that the best way to acquire these skills and awareness is to go abroad and learn through real experiences and exposure to different cultures.

Berlitz International Camps are specially designed study abroad programmes offered during school vacation periods throughout the year. At the camps, kids and teens from around the world learn and live together. The programmes focus on experiential learning to broaden their horizons and encourage them to become global citizens.


  • Expand and improve their foreign language skills

  • Become familiar with communication, interviewing and presentation techniques

  • Participate in stimulating, fun activities and workshops

  • Experience the chance to make new friends from different countries

  • Become more aware of cultural differences

  • Share fun activities with new friends from different backgrounds

  • Be completely immersed in a foreign language environment that encourages speaking


The learning techniques implemented at the international camps differ from those used in typical school lessons. Standard school classes mostly follow a general pattern of teaching new material with the aid of vocabulary and grammar. This is often done in the shortest possible time, and many students are not confident enough to speak spontaneously in the foreign language they are acquiring.

Berlitz International Camps focus on “Learning by Speaking”. At the camps, the students learn to use the foreign language naturally, correctly and intuitively. Our aim is for them to use the speaking skills that they already have by actively joining in the activities. This means that they practice how to choose the right verb tense, vocabulary and sentence structure to fit each situation.

In addition to our International Camps, we offer English Camps in various European countries:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Switzerland

Study with Berlitz

In the classroom, you’ll learn from highly trained, native-fluent Berlitz instructors using the proven Berlitz Method of teaching. This conversational approach is the natural way to learn a language. The focus is on real-life business and social scenarios. With personal attention, you will soon gain confidence in the new language. Outside the classroom, you will have lots of opportunity to practice speaking, listening and reading in everyday situations.

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