Berlitz Private Instruction

The most flexible language training program, custom designed to meet each individual’s schedule and unique set of objectives

A private one-on-one program is tailored to suit your goals and schedule. With the instructor’s undivided attention in every class, you are learning 100% of the time.

You can choose your own schedule, and change it every week to suit your needs and availability – no more missed classes if something else comes up. You can adjust the intensity of lessons as well to suit your own learning pace. During each class, you receive immediate and specific feedback from the instructor, so you can always feel the improvement throughout your course.

Reach your goal in the quickest time possible

Berlitz Private Instruction features:

  • Personalized, one-on-one language instruction

  • Flexible schedule and pace based on the learner’s needs

  • Highly trained Berlitz instructors

  • Curriculum that can be tailored to include specific business terminology and vocabulary

  • Multiple platform delivery – instruction can be delivered at a Berlitz Training Center, at your company, or online via the Berlitz Virtual Classroom

  • All language levels are available from beginner to advanced

  • Classes can be held in our training centre, in your office or at home – or combine these options

  • Lessons are transferrable to your family members or colleagues

  • Study anywhere worldwide with Berlitz – you can continue lessons with Berlitz even if you are travelling overseas – why not have some lessons next time you are in Asia, Europe, Latin America

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