Kids' Putonghua PīnYīn Class

This course focuses on building children's Putonghua pīnyīn and communication skills

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Kids’ Putonghua PīnYīn Class  

This course focuses on building children’s Putonghua pīnyīn and communication skills.

Students can learn daily social activities  in a relaxed and enjoyable environment through diverse activities such as kids’ songs, story books, games, role-playing, and pīnyīn games.

Course objectives are to:

  • Build student knowledge of basic PīnYīn
  • Improve Putonghua speaking and listening skills
  • Improve fluency in reading stories and articles
  • Instill a sense of fun in reading PīnYīn stories and articles
  • Strengthen foundation for Putonghua reading

Age: 2.8 years old and up

Course Start date: every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

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