Cyber Teachers

CyberTeachers provides every learner with a customised course at very affordable prices. Anyone anywhere in the world can quickly learn a new language and study at their own pace to suit social or work schedules.

How much you learn is entirely up to you.

Unlimited use during the licence period.

The unique aspect of this program is that all e-Lessons are individually developed and adapted to your level and personal objectives. You will be able to practice language with topics that are relevant to you. CyberTeachers provides personalised learning with many features. There is no program to download or install – just log-in and start.

CyberTeachers is also an ideal option for business language learning as the innovative platform generates lessons that are customised to each individual’s job, business sector and interest areas.

Key Features:

  • Personalised teaching content that suits your interest areas

  • 20 language tools such as Speech Trainer, Speed Memorisation, dictionary, translator, writing assistants, situations cards, etc.

  • Monitoring tools that continuously analyse your performance and individually adapt each lesson and level of difficulty as you progress

  • Available for use on all mobile devices

  • Course interface is available in 14 different languages so anyone can easily use the program

  • Customised business English content comes from 218 occupations covering 20 industries

  • Rich content with over 6,000 hours of lesson materials and 600 video simulations, 150,000 vocabulary and grammar entries

  • 1.2 million satisfied users worldwide

  • Rapid results: learning is 50% than traditional face-to-face teaching

  • Cost-effective: CyberTeachers costs over 60% less than traditional face-to-face teaching

CyberTeachers is suitable for every level of study from Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. To suit different needs and situations, the CyberTeachers online platform is available with 3 different program options for your learning success:

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